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 Knitter's shoulders and wrists.

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Knitter's shoulders and wrists. Empty
PostSubject: Knitter's shoulders and wrists.   Knitter's shoulders and wrists. EmptyMon Apr 04, 2011 9:52 am

I read an article from a Finnish newspaper yesterday, that one big reason for women's tension problems on the shoulders and neck area are weak muscles. Stretching won't help, if that's the problem. We had discussion over the topic in the Finnish Knitters-group in Ravelry and people who go to gym have obviously less tension problems. I only do yoga and (Nordic) walking, so that might be the case with me.

I have 2kg hand weights and 5kg hand weigths at home but I haven't recently done anything with them. I haven't got the time, I'm knitting Wink I walk my dogs, and do my yoga and I'm not a big fan of using weights,mostly because I find it boring. So today I made some exercises with my heavier weights which was given to me by a physiotherapist a few years ago when I injured my neck. And the exercise really helped, even my wrists feel better.

Well, boring or not, what wouldn't I do for knitting. In Finland we have a saying "Siberia will teach." Meaning learning something after banging your head against the wall too many times, because can't admit something won't work. In this case I really had to admit that I need to more for my health. So, hand weights it is then Smile
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Knitter's shoulders and wrists.
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